Our Fees

Our Fees

The fees a For Lease Inspections are quite simple, affordable and easy to understand. To have an ideal cross-section of properties for you to choose from and compare, we thoroughly inspect six properties.

Any less than six will end up costing you more in additional visit. We find that in six inspections, there is a better likelihood of you having approximately six that closely fit your criteria and might even exceed your expectations.


Because, were we to inspect three properties for you, there is a likelihood that one will closely match your requirements… however, between us gathering the report – sending it to you – you opening it and making your decision of which one you’d take, it might very well be gone and we have to start from scratch again.

So, What are the Fees?

Simply, $385 (gst is included), for six inspections and a thorough report about each, sent to you.

Any additional inspection required, is priced at $66 (gst is included).

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