We Empathise… this is an Important Next Step in Your Life…

Are you from overseas or interstate and are looking to lease a property in Melbourne Metro, Geelong on the Mornington Peninsula for your next move? “For-Lease-Inspections” secure ready-to-go or, upcoming for-lease properties, which fulfil your specific criteria.

As the managing partner of “For-Lease-Inspections”, during my adult & professional life, I have moved in excess of forty times, both internationally and interstate! I have lived in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

My partner Asuka, has moved approximately fifteen times – both internationally and interstate including Japan, Canada and Australia. We both know what it’s like to see a property in real-life v/s the internet. Just some of the factors that fail the internet test are: road & traffic noise; neighbour & neighbouring noises; atmosphere and vibe of immediate adjoining properties and more…

The 3 Step Process…

1. Initial Contact

Following the first contact, should you decide to utilise our time & service, we proceed to the commitment stage and start contact with relevant agents / agencies.

2. Commitment

When your non-refundable deposit clears into our account, we will inspect up to six properties at locations that fulfil your specific requirements / questions.

3. Detailed Report

A detailed report about each property that fulfil your requirements. Included are: Costs; Added Observations and Important Notes where applicable.

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Renting Made Easy!

We find you the right property for your relocation to Melbourne.

For the Meticulous Renter…

Who do we help?

Are you from overseas or interstate and you find yourself confused with the rental process in Melbourne, Australia? Do you need to provide details about your pet(s) for approval?… or, are you not satisfied that what you see online is what you should be 100% committing to?

Are you time poor? Frustrated that you keep missing out on your desired rental? Stressed that you may not find a home in time? Or… all of the above?… then; contact For-Lease-Inspections!

Our Approach

We take the less is more approach. Less time wasted by you and more success rate provided by us. No complications – just a direct and transparent process.

​We are not affiliated with any Real Estate agency; they however love us as their point of contact to provide them with a quality long-term clientele.

​So when it comes to Us…

How I help?

From the get-go, you’ll be my number one priority and I’ll be your own personal agent focused on securing your rental property of choice.

From criteria and inspections through to applications and approval, I do the work so you don’t have to.

Through our services you’ll have priority access to every single rental property marketed (and even some before they hit the market) in Melbourne, no matter the agency or private owner the home is affiliated with.

We Are There for You, When You Can’t Be!

Relocating is stressful enough without having to find suitable accomodation. Just leave it to us. With many years experience we can find you the right place and help you to secure it